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Where:Maryland Hall For The Creative Arts, 801 Chase Street, Annapolis, Maryland, United States, 21401
Roll came out of Nashville and great Soul music too. I think I bumped into more musicians in Nashville of every kind than anyplace else ever, and that gives you the feeling that music is alive and well. In Nashville, people are still excited to be playing and making records, as they should be. Literally, my cab driver was a drummer. The guy who sold me a shirt at Macys was a singer-songwriter. The guy at the health food store was a bass player. And I went to breakfast one morning, and saw Robert Plant. Everywhere you look is another potential bandmate. Yet for all this exciting collaboration, First Comes The Night is very much a great Chris Isaak album that features him at his best. For all the firsts, theres a strong through-line that continues from Isaaks earlier triumphs like Silvertone (1985), Chris Isaak (1986), Heart Shaped World (1989), San Francisco Days (1993), Forever Blue (1995) and Always Got Tonight (2002). I guess you can make a drink with many ingredients, but if one is very strong, thats what you taste, says Isaak with a laugh. For better or worse, I have a tendency to dominate because I have a big voice and some twisted ideas.For Isaak continuing to write and record is one of his best and least twisted ideas.People who love music still get excited for a great new song or a performance that connects, he explains. Making this album wasnt a contractual obligation it was a thrill and a privilege to be making music with so many great people. I know the business is tough and some people say its not a time to make records now, but Im hooked. I love music so much. I dont think, Im going to sell 40 million records. I think, How Im going to make a hell of a record even if its for 40 people who just listen to it a million times. I think about it this way -- Ive worked my whole life and never missed a gig in 30 something years. I want to do this, and for me, the thrill is not gone.In part because of his new position on The X Factor Australia, Isaak finds himsel
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