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20 - Jun
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Where:Rams Head On Stage, 33 West Street, Annapolis, Maryland, United States, 21401
#39;80s classic rock radio hits like Isnt It Time, Every Time I Think of You, Back on My Feet Again, Head First, Midnight Rendezvous, and so many more, The Babys created some of the most memorable arena anthems of their era. The shows are jam packed with material that has entire audiences on their feet singing and dancing to every tune. Original drummer Tony Brock and original lead guitarist Wally Stocker have reformed the band with an incredible new singer, John Bisaha, whose vocals and bass playing fits The Babys to a tee, along with guitarist Joey Sykes, a renowned singer/songwriter. In concert, The Babys feature The Babettes Holly Bisaha and Elisa Chadbourne, and keyboardist Brian Johnson. This new incarnation of The Babys created an instant buzz with their first new song in 30 years, the aptly titled Not Ready to Say Goodbye, which was released in November 2013. It has all the classic Babys elements amazing vocals, thoughtful lyrics and a chorus that lodges itself in your brain, refusing to leave for days. In June 2014, fans were blown away with the release of their brand new album. Ill Have Some Of That, that boasted 12 dynamic, new songs that resonate with the classic Babys sound, including the single I See You There. That single was released at the end of 2014 and reached #5 on Billboards Hot Singles Sales Chart, and stayed in the top-10 (reaching #5 as well) on FMQBs AC Top-40 for 10 weeks.Previous band members John Waite, Jonathan Cain and Ricky Phillips have all given their blessings to The Babys 2014. Waite continues on as a solo artist, Cain joined Journey after leaving The Babys and penned a string of hit singles including Dont Stop Believing, the most downloaded song in history, and Phillips is the longtime bass player for Styx. Below is a capsule look at each member of The Babys:Tony Brock, drummer Strongly considered one of the best drummers in the world, Brock plays with a rare combination of feel and timing, combined with a preference to hit the d
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