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14 - Nov
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Where:Rams Head On Stage, 33 West Street, Annapolis, Maryland, United States, 21401
shining example of the bands lifelong commitment to anything-goes artistic freedom.There are no limits to what we do says Aijala. Well try anything, if it feels good, well try it again.In addition to the founding trios songwriting efforts, Jolliff who arrived to play on BLACK SHEEP sessions and never left contributed a pair of fiery instrumentals and also lends vocals to a delightful cover of King Harvests eternal Dancing In The Moonlight.Allie sang a song that we wrote on BLACK SHEEP, Aijala says, so we wanted to showcase Jakes vocals on this album. Weve been playing Dancing in the Moonlight in our live shows and whenever we play it people just light up. We always enjoy playing it, the harmonies are really good and Jake sings the hell out of it so we thought, why not put it on the record?2017 will see Yonder continue its seemingly endless touring, leading towards next years 20th anniversary of their initial coming together, an irrefutably momentous occasion.When we were first starting, our creativity was rooted in rebelliousness. Now, theres a greater conscious awareness and attention to detail that were bringing to our writing and recording. Our nature and instincts remain progressive. Were just doing it in a way thats sharper, more musical, and way more satisfying, says Ben Kaufmann.With its melodic flair, expert technique, and forward-thinking fervor, LOVE. AINT LOVE is a strikingly assured and well-crafted manifestation of Yonders matchless musical vision. Nearly two decades in, Yonder Mountain String Band is still utterly unto themselves, a one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime combo whose inventiveness, versatility, and sheer imagination shows no sign of winding down.Weve talked about this, Aijala says, and we all feel like we could play in Yonder until we cant play anymore. As long we still have new ideas, as long as were still creating something thats fresh to us, I dont see any reason to stop.
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