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16 - Jun
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Where:Baltimore Soundstage, 124 Market Place, Baltimore, Maryland, United States, 21202
#39;ve never gotten so vulnerable in songwriting before and talked about this situation, but it just felt natural on this album. No one broke my heart more than my own brother and nothing breaks my heart more than knowing hes a danger to others and himself. In the wake of this incident Vext, who has been sober for nine years, became a sober companion and coach in order to save others from similar fates. Theres a lot of deep meaning in that song for me and I didnt go into writing those lyrics with a conscious thought, I just heard the riff and all of these emotions poured out of me that Id been keeping inside for a long time.That catharsis is ultimately what lies at the core of Disobey. I listen to Meshuggah, but I also listen to Lana Del Rey and Busta Rhymes, not that we would be touring with those bands, Vext says. But I think we have a sound that kind of vacillates between extreme music and hard rock, which could be dubbed commercial and I dont think thats a bad thing, I think its a strength of ours. Additionally, the members of Bad Wolves all come from touring bands so theyre excited to get out on the road and bring these songs to audiences live who have been waiting for an album like Disobey for a long, long time. This is the greatest body of work Ive ever participated in over the course of 20 years of making music, Vext summarizes. Its also the most creative and honest thing that Ive ever worked on and we cant wait for people to be able to hear these songs and share them with us live. Because there really are no limitations to what the five of us can accomplish with this band.
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