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29 - Jul
(Nearby Event: Concerts & Music)
Where:Metro Gallery, 1700 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, Maryland, United States, 21201
Graveside Invocation continue to show that any of the eight tracks on Curse Of Conception could stand as featured singles. Throughout the duration brick heavy riff assembly, somber southern atmospherics and grand melodies entwine flawlessly into perfect metallic majesty, exemplified succinctly and totally in the instrumental Wakien for example.With a host of fantastic albums released by their contemporaries lately, Spirit Adrift has taken their craft to an ascendent new level on Curse Of Conception earning their rightful place among the top tier of modern metal bands clawing their way above and beyond the underground scene. Now more than at any time metal has become the lifeblood of rock music and Spirit Adrift offer Curse Of Conception as an embodiment of that perseverant vitality.
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