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21 - Apr
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Where:Baltimore Soundstage, 124 Market Place, Baltimore, Maryland, United States, 21202
comrades Periphery, its a status that speaks on a global level. From performing to massive crowds in India to making history as the first band to play on top of an igloo village in the Arctic Circle it seems no place is off-limits for the five members. Where many artists struggle for recognition outside of their home territories, TesseracT could very well be the opposite extreme sometimes even bigger in cities thousands of miles away from the one they call home As touring artists weve been lucky enough to travel the world, meeting new people at every turn and experiencing many different cultures and traditions, explains Dan. This brings with it a greater sense of perspective on how we view the world at large. As a group of individuals within TesseracT we are all very different people with varying views on philosophy, politics, science, faith, religion and world affairs but at the centre of it all we are peaceful, respectful and creative individuals that are not necessarily held back by the normalities of life. The concept of Sonder is something we can all relate to; the realisation that we are all playing a part in a greater story musically as well as conceptually. It includes elements from all three-previous full-lengths the harsh abrasiveness of One, the ethereal elements of Altered State and the accessibility of Polaris all moulded into a hybrid TesseracT sound.The singer pauses for a moment before letting us further inside his head. He articulates his thoughts with a strikingly grounded level of determination one where the pursuit of their dreams, and unrivalled success in doing so, doesnt distract from the bigger pictureI feel there is a depth to our music that resonates with people, he shrugs, when asked about their invitation to headline one of Download Festivals stages this summer a luxury very rarely afforded to homegrown talent. Its something that isnt immediately accessible or identifiable but rather something that simply grows with time, adds Dan. And th
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