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Annapolis, Maryland Things To Do

The vibrant capital of Maryland and jewel of the Chesapeake Bay, this historic city offers exciting attractions and experience. From the 18th century State House and Victorian homes to the charming waterfront lined with trendy shops and pubs, Annapolis is a captivating vacation destination packed with history, beauty, and activity. Enjoy boating and sailing on the beautiful bay, explore the city on walking tours of landmarks like the United States Naval Academy, visit the beautiful campus of the University of Maryland, or take a day-trip to Washington, DC.

Washington, DC

The nation's capital shines bright as a beacon of democracy filled with notable monuments like the White House and US Capital and a spectacular array of museums.
Category: Attractions

University of Maryland

The largest educational institution in the state is the home of 35,000 students, a beautiful 150-acre campus, NCAA championship sports, and a PGA golf course.
Category: Attractions

Chesapeake Bay

Known as "America's Sailing Capital," Chesapeake Bay offers a host of recreational opportunities like boating, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, and windsurfing.
Category: Activities

US Naval Academy

Honor and tradition mark the core values at this military college that prepares students for the US Navy and is home to a popular NCAA football team.
Category: Attractions

National Maritime Museum

Explore Maryland's unique nautical history at this cultural destination housed in a former oyster packing plant that still holds a working boatyard for visitors to see.
Category: Attractions

St. John's College

A four-year liberal arts college that dates back to the 1700s with a unique curriculum and landmark campus that's part of the Annapolis Historic District.
Category: Attractions

Rams Head On Stage

This is the premier music venue in Annapolis hosting a wide range of live shows from everything including jazz, rock, and blues and offering reserved seating.
Category: Restaurant, Shopping & Nightlife

Maryland State House

Boasting a rich history as the only state house in the country to also serve as the US capitol, this 1779 building features a large wooden dome.
Category: Attractions

St. Mary's Church

A Catholic house of worship offering daily masses under beautiful arched ceilings with an affiliated high school for grades 9-12.
Category: Attractions

William Paca Garden & House

This Georgian mansion and 2-acre pleasure garden has been carefully restored to offer visitors a glimpse into Colonial Maryland with guided tours.
Category: Attractions

Annapolis Tours and Crawls

Let the animated and knowledgeable tour guides take you on a tour of Annapolis and share ghostly tales about real life encounters with the supernatural.
Category: Activities

Sailing in Annapolis

Come and sail the Chesapeake Bay when you visit Annapolis. There are several schools to teach you how to sail or just go out on the water tour.
Category: Attractions
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