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St. John's College

This four-year liberal arts college in the core of historic Annapolis offers a unique approach to higher education. There are no majors and every student follows an identical Great Books curriculum focused on critically acclaimed literature and philosophy of Western society. The 32-acre campus is a National Historic Landmark dating back to the 1700s. Student population is limited to 500 students at the two campuses, the other which is located in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Prices -

no admission fee

Hours -

campus is open year round

Events -

Graduate Institute Summer Lectures


  • Tour the landmark campus
  • Take graduate and undergraduate courses
  • Visit the art gallery
  • Attend a lecture, concert or special event

Liberal education mission

Students at this four-year school do not have to select a major. Instead they take a core curriculum centered around a interdisciplinary curriculum focusing on the great works of philosophy, literature, history, political science, theology, economics, music, mathematics, and the laboratory sciences. Classes are small and students here are encourage to develop strong critical thinking skills.


This prestigious liberal arts college can trace its legacy all the way back to King William's School in the 1600s. The campus grew up with the development of historic Annapolis and it officially charted in 1784 as St. John's College. A sister campus opened in 1964 across the country in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


  • When does the school year begin?

    For the 2018-19 school year, registration started August 21 and classes began on the 23rd.
  • When is homecoming?

    The weekend of September 27-29 marks the annual homecoming celebration on campus with activities like games, receptions, and dance parties.

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