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Maryland of Annapolis Maryland

Maryland State House

Completed in 1779, the seat of Maryland government is a truly historic landmark boasting a unique wooden dome that towers above the city. It is the longest running capitol in the US that is still open today for legislative business and is also the only capitol building in the country that served as the capital of the United States. Self-guided tours of the building and grounds are offered daily for visitors to get an up close look at American history.



  • Tours are free


  • Daily 9am - 5pm, except Christmas and New Year's Day


  • Take a self-guided tour
  • View historical art and exhibits
  • Explore the grounds and memorials
As the only state house in the country to also serve as the nation's capital at one point in time, there's a rich history of this government structure that dates back to 1772. The Continental Congress met in the Old Senate Chamber in 1783 and 1784 where the official end of the Revolutionary War was documented with the Treaty of Paris. The impressive dome is the largest in the US to be constructed without nails. And though the exterior was completed by 1788, the interior was not completed until 1797.


  • Is the State House open to the public?

    Yes. Each visitor needs to bring a photo ID, bags will be searched, and a metal detector is in operation. Christmas and New Year's Day are the only times when the building is closed to the public.
  • Are there tours available?

    Self-guided tour information is available in the Office of Interpretation located on the first floor. Specialized curatorial tours of the building and its artwork can be arranged by appointment by calling 410-260-6445.


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