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History of Historic Inns Annapolis

Annapolis Historic Hotel

In the late 1700s, Annapolis served as the nation's first peacetime capital under George Washington. Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, this has been the location of the legendary Maryland Inn, popular for lodging statesmen, governors and colonial and revolutionary war persona. Delegates of the 1783-1784 U.S. Congress stayed at the Maryland Inn when George Washington resigned as Commander in Chief of the Continental Army and ratified the Treaty of Paris.
The original Governor Calvert House dates back to 1695, when it was owned by a prominent local family who lived in the house until the American Revolution. Governor Benedict Leonard Calvert once occupied the beautiful home and held office from 1727-1731. Today, many state legislators still call this elegant hotel home each year when they convene at the Maryland State House just across the street.
The Robert Johnson House was home to members of the Johnson family who were prominent city and state government officials from 1770-1800. Today this historic property is comprised of three houses, artfully restored and furnished with elegant 19th century antiques and décor.
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