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University Of Maryland In College Park

This prestigious educational institution is situated on a picturesque 150-acre campus featuring rolling hills and hardwoods. As the largest university in Maryland and ranked 11th among the nation's top public schools, it offers a vibrant environment of undergraduate and graduate programs, and a rich cultural scene. The university's NCAA sports teams have achieved multiple championships in recent years, and the University of Maryland Golf Course, staffed by PGA professionals, serves as both a haven for students and a golfing destination.
University of Maryland at Annapolis
Distance from hotel: 30.37 miles


  • Free to explore the campus


  • Open year round


  • NCAA sporting events
  • PGA-level golfing
  • Educational events and lectures
  • Cultural activities
  • Strolling the beautiful campus


The history of this university includes both sides of the Civil War. In April 1864 a battalion of 6,000 federal troops camped on the college's grounds. The squad was headed to Virginia to reinforce the ranks. A few months later, about 400 Confederate soldiers spent the night on their way to take part in a battle near Washington, DC.


Each fall, alumni from all over the state and the country gather in College Park for the annual homecoming celebration. School spirit is on full display for loyal Terrapins who line up to see the annual parade and attend the big NCAA college football game.


How Many Students Attend The University?

This world-class university is home to over 40,000 students and is the largest in Maryland.

When Does The Academic Calendar Begin?

Classes usually start in late August.